plants vs zombies (symbian)

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plants vs zombies (symbian)
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plants vs zombies (symbian) - 식물 대 좀비 _


재미있게 사랑하는 좀비들의 무리가 당신의 집에 침입하려하고 있으며, 당신의 유일한 방어책은 좀비 자핑 식물들의 무기고입니다. 좀비가 당신의 현관 문에 도달하기 전에 peachooters, wall-nuts, 체리 폭탄 등을 사용하여 좀비를 알리십시오. 재미는 결코 죽지 않습니다.

SYMBIAN을 위해 지금 이용 가능

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Plants vs. Zombies - is a port of the popular PC strategy to the phone. The game is a little different from computer counterpart, but in general they are identical.
We have a house that must be protected. Slowly approaching horde of zombies who just want the hosts brains. Confront them can only be a special plant mutants.


Multiple levels
Several types of zombies
Several species of mutant plants
Funny story and description of all types of zombie / plants
Beautiful graphics
The game has a horizontal view of the screen (and therefore non-standard control)

Games Launch:

1. Go to the game.

2. Exit the game.

3. Re-enter the game in the machine language of the game will be selected English, after which the game will work.


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  • Samuel -santos 31 Jan 18
    É muito bom
  • oussama 26 Dec 18
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